Listing Marketing

How We Market and Sell Your Home

How We Prepare for Your Listing Appointment…

  1. Confirm your appointment via an email containing a video message outlining what set us apart from all of the other local Realtors.
  2. Pull tax records to verify legal information: tax bills, etc.
  3. Research and review findings.
  4. Verify legal name(s) and owner(s) in county property records.
  5. Research ownership, sales, and mortgage history of the property, if available.
  6. Research school districts, local attractions, transportation and employment options in the area.
  7. Obtain detailed information about the property to assist in analyzing for the CMA.
  8. Research the competition, other homes that buyers will be looking at in addition to your home.
  9. Research homes that have recently gone under contract for sale in your area.
  10. Research homes similar to your home that have recently sold.
  11. Perform detailed needs analysis to include reasons for your move, how quickly you need to move and address any immediate concerns.
  12. Discuss your purchase plans and determine how the Single Tree Team can assist you in your next purchase (local, new home construction, investment or relocation) or if we can research and find qualified agent to assist you in your new location.
  13. Obtain information that will help us prepare the listing, advertising and marketing materials;
    1. What type of improvements have you dine to your home in the last 5 years?
    2. What other features of your home make it attractive to buyers?
    3. What do you think the home if worth?

How We Determine the Value of Your Home…

  1. Analyze the number of months of inventory in your immediate area and neighborhood.
  2. Analyze the price and condition of the homes that were successful in recently selling.
  3. Analyze why other homes in your area are still on the market day after day.
  4. Analyze homes that have recently expired off the market and explore why they were unsuccessful.
  5. Consider price per square foot of the direct competition.
  6. Make value adjustments between comparable properties and your home to determine the best possible value.
  7. Review tax assessors’ value to determine its accuracy or if a tax protest would be beneficial to you and future buyers.
  8. Identify which homes are your strongest competition.
  9. Call agents, if needed, to discuss activity on comparable properties they have listed and/or sold recently.
  10. Suggest to you a listing price that will net you the highest amount of return possible without going 5% above market value.

What to Expect at Your Appointment…

  1. Present to you our findings of the current market conditions.
  2. Present information compiled by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) that discusses how buyers are finding homes, how many homes they typically view before buying and any features that are the most sought after when house hunting.
  3. Discuss your listing competition and how your property compares.
  4. Review current Open House attendance stats and current Open House practices.
  5. Review recently Pending or Sold properties comparable to your home.
  6. Explore the plan of pricing your property correctly in the beginning to maximize the number of buyers in the shortest time.
  7. Determine a pricing strategy with you based on current market trends and market expertise.
  8. Review showing vs list price graphs.
  9. Cooperatively decide to price your home well so it shows up on more internet searches.
  10. If available make copies of floor plans to provide to agents via the MLS.

What Happens After You Choose the Single Tree Team…..

  1. We begin preparing the listing agreement, addendums and disclosures for execution by needed parties.
  2. If the property is current rented and have tenants, we will obtain copies of all leases, verify rents and deposits, and assist with informing tenant(s) of listing and how showings will be handled.
  3. Confirm showing instructions for agents are acceptable to occupants.
  4. If applicable, identify HOA, contact information and dues.
  5. Completed checklist of the features and benefits of your home for marketing purposes.
  6. Verify contact information and preferred contact method with you.
  7. Obtain a copy of the key(s) for the lockbox and any alarm/entry codes that will be needed for showings.
  8. Discuss clauses of the Listing Agreement and Addendums.
  9. Explain the use of the disclosures you will be completing and how it helps avoid setbacks once the property in under contract.
  10. Confirm build date of the property and if lead based paint disclosure is required.
  11. Place a For Sale sign in the yard to build excitement for the listing.
  12. If needed, perform a professional home consultation to discuss changes to the home that might be beneficial once showings begin.
  13. Provide a list of contractors if needed for any repairs.
  14. Provide you with best practices when preparing your home for appointments.

Now That You Are a Client of the Single Tree Team…

  1. Arrange an appointment for pictures to be taken of the property for the MLS and marketing.
  2. Order the Home Warranty coverage, if you choose to protect your home during the listing to closing period and/or as incentive to the buyer for coverage during the first year in the home.
  3. Place the Supra lockbox on the property, the lockbox is electronically monitored and will allow buyers agents and inspectors access to the property while maintaining safety for occupants.

The First 10 Days of Marketing…

  1. Enter property into the MLS.
  2. Set up reverse prospecting in the MLS to identify which Realtors have buyers that are interested in properties similar to yours.
  3. Provide you a copy of the MLS data sheet to review and request any changes if needed.
  4. Build an auto search for competing listings to keep us informed of the competition.
  5. Electronically submit the listing to the MLS for exposure on all active real estate agents in the area.
  6. Immediately upload the listing pictures to the MLS.
  7. Enter showing instructions into the MLS for agents to begin scheduling showings.
  8. Notify the Single Tree Team agents of the new listing.
  9. Provide you with the executed copies of the listing agreement, addendums, and disclosures.
  10. If applicable, submit the Home Warranty application to increase marketability.
  11. Provide booties or “Please Remove Shoes” signs for the home to be used during showings if requested.
  12. Share the listing with any registered buyers on our website that are looking for similar homes.
  13. Email listing flyers to all agents in the local MLS.
  14. Discuss Open Houses and their potential successes and schedule as desired.
  15. When possible, design, print and mail Just Listed postcards to your neighbors.
  16. Upload the executed disclosures into the MLS for buyer’s agents to share with their buyers.
  17. Upload floor plans and plat map into the MLS if applicable.
  18. Promptly convey price changes to the MLS and any agent who have already shown the property.
  19. Review and follow up with agents who had buyers interested in the property.
  20. Market your home on over 100+ websites including Zillow,, Trulia, and the eXp company website.
  21. Create social media posts to be posted weekly to the Single Tree Team’s social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  22. Utilize social media advertising to boost the listing to potential leads.
  23. Inform agents on the team and the office of any listing updates and price changes during this time.
  24. Adjust sales price according to your direction.
  25. Screen any potential buyer calls that come in from the yard sign or other advertising.

While Your Listing is Active……

  1. Electronically collect feedback from all showings.
  2. Provide copies of any marketing materials created for the property if desired.
  3. Share with you often agent feedback and online statistics for the listing on our website and in the MLS.
  4. Follow up with you frequently regarding showings, price changes, etc.
  5. Routinely research current laws, interest rates, and insurance conditions as it relates to the housing industry and how it may impact the sale of your property.
  6. Immediately notify you of potential offers, needed information or an offer.
  7. Review new feedback as it comes in and share the information with you.
  8. Share ShowingTime reports pertaining to your property.
  9. Personally call any agents with positive feedback to follow up and discuss the listing with them.
  10. Ensure any buyers our team will bring to your home are pre-qualified to avoid wasting you time with unqualified buyers.
  11. Discuss buyer qualifications to help determine buyer motivation, ability to purchase and probably of a successful closing.
  12. Handle price adjustment paperwork when needed.

The Offer…

  1. Receive and review all Offers submitted by buyers’ agents.
  2. Contact buyers’ agents to review buyer qualifications and discuss offer details.
  3. If multiple offers are received, discuss the best course of action for you and share any requests of highest and best offers to all buyers’ agents.
  4. Prepare a Net Sheet for you for comparison purposes.
  5. Discuss with you the details, merits and weaknesses of each offer individually.
  6. Confirm with Lender that the Buyer(s) in good standing for the loan.
  7. If missing request proof of funds or pre-approval letter.
  8. Review current property appraisal, if applicable.
  9. Assist you with negotiations for the highest price and best terms for you and your current situation.
  10. Prepare and convey any counteroffers, amendments, or acceptance to buyer’s agents.
  11. If applicable coordinate with the agent involved in your net purchase and help resolve any timing issues.

The Road to Closing…

  1. Share the accepted counteroffer and/or contract with the buyer’s agent.
  2. Deliver the executed contract paperwork to you along with a detailed email reminding you of important dates and/or steps you will need to take now that your are under contract.
  3. Convey the accepted contract to the title company of your choice.
  4. If applicable share the paperwork with your current mortgage broker.
  5. Send email to Buyer’s agent reminding them of important dates and where the buyer will deposit the Earnest Money check.
  6. Obtain Copy of the Earnest Money deposit from the title company once turned in.
  7. Process the file, double checking for accuracy and any missing paperwork.
  8. Upload the file to eXp for an additional review for accuracy.
  9. Discuss with you secondary offers and if it’s something you might consider.
  10. Change MLS Status to “Active under Contract” or “Pending” depending on circumstances.
  11. Create social media marketing for the accepted contract and post online.
  12. Coordinate with you the buyers’ inspections and/or the appraiser.
  13. Regularly check in with the buyer’s lender to ensure loan processing is on track.
  14. Relay to you as soon as available the final approval of the buyer’s loan.
  15. Review with you the inspection requests from the buyers and assist with negotiating the terms.
  16. Provide if needed, contractors to perform agreed upon repairs.
  17. Coordinate the time for the appraisal if required.
  18. Provide comparable sales used in pricing to appraiser as needed.
  19. Follow-up on appraisal results and answer any questions that may arise.
  20. Regularly update the file with executed documents.
  21. Coordinate closing time with all parties involved.
  22. Turn in Home Warranty Invoice to title company if applicable.
  23. Ensure all required paperwork is in order for closing with the title company and the lender.
  24. Review title commitment and assist in any issues that may arise.
  25. Request final loan commitment from lender.
  26. Coordinate with you, and buyer’s agent for the final walk through.
  27. Carefully review the closing figures on the settlement statement and ensure all credits/debits are accounted for.
  28. Complete final file check for closing.
  29. Provide for you any funds you may have to plan for at closing.
  30. Remind you of closing location, date, and time.
  31. Request the final walk-through form from the buyer’s agent and send to you to also sign.

Closing Day and Beyond…

  1. Arrive at the title company for closing.
  2. Coordinate possession and transfer of keys, codes, or anything else that will be turned over to the buyer.
  3. Have a successful and surprise free closing and if applicable present you with the net proceeds check at closing.
  4. Answer any questions that may arise at closing.
  5. Change the MLS Status to SOLD and enter buyer agent information, sales date, and price.
  6. Convey Home Warranty information for filing claims to buyer’s agent.
  7. Resolve any issues that may arise once buyer’s physically take possession.
  8. Closing out the file with the office.
  9. Share the fully executed paperwork packet with you after closing via Google Drive.
  10. Assist you with relocating, whether locally or out of area by referring you to a highly experienced agent across the globe- you will be taken care of and provided the best care to make any move easy and stress free.
  11. Reshare the Google Drive link the following February for tax purposes.
  12. Remain available for potential appraisal questions when using your home as a comparable.
  13. Remain a lifelong resource for your home ownership needs with references for contractors, lawn care, etc.